Digitally Connected Campus: The future of Education

The possibilities that open when technology is brought into the classroom are infinite. It helps education, open doors and expand worlds. Digitally Connected Campus, e-Classroom, Distance learning presents the opportunities to inspire curiosity in young mind while nurturing collaboration and interactive learning.

Technology played a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted learning even during COVID crisis, making remote learning powered by technology a reality. Also, with all the syllabus and reference content, eLibrary has made it easier for students to achieve their learning goals. Now most institutes/ organizations have started realizing the benefit of technology enabled learning as it brings down infrastructure cost, enhances educational program efficiency, while fostering new age teaching methodology. Digitally connected campus is truly the future of education.

Whether it is University, college, or school, we are committed to ensure the expansion of learning. D-Link’s robust portfolio and unmatched experience encompasses Switches, W-Fi Connectivity, Surveillance, along with Fibre and Copper cabling solution. Only D-Link can deliver complete end-to-end campus solution that securely connects students, teachers and administrators.

D-Link Campus Network Architecture Advantage:

  • High density Wireless Coverage – Improved learning, engagement, sharing, security and more with seamless high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity that is powered by D-Link network architecture across the campus. Our high-performance Wi-Fi 6 Wireless solution is driving campus connectivity. So now the entire campus can enjoy gigabits bandwidth to access their favorable data over the Internet. We enable high density Wi-Fi deployment through both Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 Access Point (APs), that are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 
  • Stable Wired Connections – With demand for more connectivity on wired devices, Campuses need solution that can offer security, speed and reliability. Our high-speed wired solutions include 1G/ 2.5G/ 10G Ethernet ports (802.3af/at PoE), that can meet the demand and user expectations of any Digitally powered Campus. 
  • Secure Network with Authentication – Our Network Architect Engineers ensure secure Wi-Fi access is provided only to authorized users through multiple authentications (802.1X, Radius etc.). This is crucial for protection against threats to users, network, and applications across the campus. 
  • Real time detection and Monitoring – The integrated video surveillance solution by D-Link includes – real time monitoring & control, video playback feature, and alarm management ensuring total campus security. Our Smart D-Link Surveillance system helps to alleviate concerns regarding student and campus safety. Audio surveillance in addition to video monitoring would aid in obtaining affirmative incidental evidence in the event of an unfavorable situation. Also keeping student behavior under control is a major concern for educational institutions, but current artificial intelligence-based monitoring is assisting in moulding students into responsible citizens of the country!
  • Flexible User Management – D-Link offers adaptive multi-factor SSIDs, Access Control and VLAN binding technologies, to define network user profile & deploy customized operating criteria. The addition of D-Link Network Management System based on applicable SNMP and other supporting protocols to the aforesaid user management control mechanism allows the entire campus to be handled effortlessly.

The future of education is based on solutions that are simple to use, work together seamlessly, and are backed by the world-class support.  Today’s Digital Campus network requires secure communication, seamless roaming, loop free network, full wireless coverage, strong user authentication, high performance, and redundant network with easy centralized management. With unparallel ecosystem of education partners, D-Link is proud to deliver solution that makes  education accessible, enhances student experience, improves engagement, and ignites innovation.

At D-Link, we are committed to building an inclusive future in education as your technology partner. Further through D-Link Academy, we help Education institutes/ Campuses to optimize technology budget by providing free solution consulting, while enabling them adapt to a changing education landscape.